The Ultimate Payday Loan Guide (Norway edition)

While the benefits of payday loans are somewhat appealing, if you are not careful you could get trap in the never-ending cycle of debts and loans. Therefore, before you consider applying for a payday loan, you should be aware of the most common mistakes that most loaners commit so that you can avoid it while you can.

Not searching for other lending companies

Even if the payday loan is a short-term and quick way to get cash, you should invest enough time to search for the most reputable lending companies when it comes to payday loans. In that way, you can find the one that offers the lowest interest and a licensed lender who will provide you with terms and conditions that suit your situation the most.

Not reading the terms and conditions

Before you finally sign the payday loan agreement, you should read the terms and conditions thoroughly. It should include all charges that are involved in this loan, the penalties, the time frame, and the exact amount of money that you have borrowed. If the lender has tricked you and you did not read the fine print, he can use it against you and you’ll end up paying for more.

Taking payday loans to pay other loans

Avoid this common mistake, even for other types of loans. Never borrow money just to pay for another loan. This is could lead you getting trap in the debt cycle and soon enough, you will struggle to pay for even your basic necessities. The interest may be low and appealing, but if you sum it all it would result in a large amount of money that will keep you on the ground.

Not knowing your rights

The lender, especially unlicensed ones, can easily trick you if you have no idea about the rights that you as the loaner, have. Make sure that you research about your rights and limitations. It can help you to protect yourself and your money from tricky lending companies who will lure loaners with low interest but huge hidden charges.

Not comparing lenders

Do not grab the first lender who will release a check without even knowing their interest rate. Even if you are such in a hurry, take your time in looking for the best lender in town. A professional lender can help you if you are unable to pay instead of bombarding you with texts and emails regarding your missed payment. Aside from that, they could give you a consideration and accept the repayment plan that you proposed together with your debt adviser. In that way, they can freeze the suspending charges and interest. It is always recommended to do your research using websites that allow online loan research, like KapitalKassen is a service that is provided by the Norwegian government that allows consumers to search for the best loan rates so they do not fall victim to scams.

These are the most common mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to applying for payday loans. Most loaners do not educate themselves about how this system works that’s why they commit these common mistakes and end up paying for more. To complete your payday loan successfully, you only not need to know what to do but what to avoid as well.

Basic Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Guide and Tips

Here is the much-anticipated Yu-Gi-Oh game that everyone’s been talking about! This popular card game lets you duel with other card collectors, fulfil missions, and collect beloved Yu Gi Oh characters in the Duel Links World. If you’re not familiar with this classic card game, then you are missing out on a lot. The more awesome cards you have, the better chances of winning every time someone challenges you on a real-time duel. There are a few Duel Links Hack available but here are some of our tips to help you get the most out of your Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links cards.

Read and know the basic mechanics for the game!

The game is quite complicated if you are new to this type of game, but understanding the mechanics and reading walkthroughs will certainly help you create great card decks or builds. You will be challenged by different iconic characters on a duel and if you beat them or complete certain missions, you will be able to unlock, play, and summon their abilities. Don’t forget to collect your gems whenever you complete a mission. The game will not automatically do it for you.

Each card has its own characteristics!

Different cards have various characteristics and affinities. One type of card is vulnerable to another, and so on… Make sure to collect different types of character cards to make sure you’ll be able to take on all types of cards brought to the table by your opponent.

Level up!

Earn gems and card packs by levelling up your important card decks equally to improve their stats and to make them suitable for tougher duels. You can also earn extra deck slots and skills for doing so. Aim to max-upgrade all character cards if you want to do well in the game and do not limit yourself to using just a single character. Otherwise, your other cards will not be upgraded and will fare poorly against players with better card builds.

Try to win every duel!

Careful on who you choose to challenge and only duel if you are sure about the abilities of your card deck. You will be rated every time a duel ends. Earn points for sailing through a duel, summoning new abilities, finishing a stage without a dent on your LP, and more. You’ll get to open chests for each 1000 points you make.

Play continuously!

Playing frequently and continuously will quickly unlock the better features of the game. You can access the Card Trader when you get to a certain stage in the game. You can purchase various types of cards and even collect/exchange magic stones and gold for better-tiered cards. The longer you stay in the game, the more of these stones you’ll be able to collect and the better cards you can derive from the Card Trader.

Card Shop!

Always check to see if a particular card you like is available on the Card Shop. Don’t use your game currency aimlessly, so you’ll be able to afford the best character cards once the Card Shop offers them.

Aim for better item drops!

Don’t shy away from legendary opponents because they give out better items for rewards. However, a smarter way to play the game is to always check to see the potential item drops by clicking the rewards button prior to a duel. You can then proceed to duel or pass if you don’t think you’ll get the particular item that you are looking for if you’ll carry on with the fight.

These are some of our Yu Gi Oh Duel Links tips. Hope you enjoy them and keep coming back for more updates! Don’t forget to share your game secrets by commenting below!

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